We were born into this world to leave it Maybe that's the reason for babies cry And the reason why others don't The scent of death as life is breathed in And so the journey begins. I've always had the phobia for road travels. Always thought if for any reason I had to move from... Continue Reading →


What will be

What will be will be Darkness covers the brightness of the Sky, Thunder roars from the shock of moving sparks Anticipating the wetness of the Earth to follow. But the Sun in its glory doesn't stop shining. No it doesn't. And so for a while There were sparks that made Thunder roar And there was... Continue Reading →


Those who have faith Only they have the strength to wait Love to everybody is familiar But hate is no stranger either What you reap now is what you've sown Tell this to your friends and your foes We've scattered the mirrors of peace into pieces From the uniforms of war we've worn And as... Continue Reading →

Depressed Friends

I've got a depressed friend. He has a face with an expression of nothing. The face that fools itself to smile Hiding in plane sight all the hurt it feels. I've got a depressed friend. The tears wept from her innocent eyes That have both seen sadness and tragedy Shine like a reflection of the... Continue Reading →

Dark Night

It's hard to sleep anymore, The stars refuse to shine anymore, Leaving the nights dark and silent With the moon alone and cold. Your voice travels to my ears, Singing to me to smile for you. With eyes wide shut my face widen To fill pictures of you in my mind. Your thick full hair... Continue Reading →


The world is a strange place. I never imagined I'd have my own episode Of stranger things Where a stranger will called me Strange. No, he didn't use the word "weird", Like I use my words upside down Or my clothes worn inside out, Neither did he call me "freak". He said it in a... Continue Reading →


You are beautiful and I don't mean it in the cheesy way; The way they say it without looking at you: Like saying "good morning" because it's morning. You are fucking beautiful. I say it because I see every inch of you; From the fullness of your hair, to the brightness of your eyes. You... Continue Reading →


I find myself in this rollercoaster of emotions Running away from you leads to Finding myself falling again for you. An unending spiral Taking me on a journey of hope, Unacceptable dashing hope.


I've always found this saying to be true, "no one knows what they want to be until they become". I agree with the saying maybe because I'm still finding my way in the world. After a degree in Mechanical Engineering, the thought of it been best to "Master" it came to mind, hence, a postgraduate... Continue Reading →

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